Born in Charleroi in 1986, Michaël Dautremont is a young motorsport/nature/people photographer based in Belgium.

Middle of 2011, he began to make the first test with a Nikon D40. He interested in automotive photography, and went 3 times on Belgian track for few tries and there a true passion with the automobile was born. But photography is a family hobby.

in 2012, it really starts to go on motorsport event and learn the settings and trying to find his style gradually. He also tries to model and urban photographs. In June 2012, he created his first website which includes some of his work . He also spent five months in Lausanne (Switzerland) in graphic designer and 3D/special effects supervisor work  to prepare his future career.

2013, He tries for the first time a chance to a photographic competition and He was selected out of 58 000 peoples in Europe he is finalist with 30 other photographer in the  « Grand Prix Paris-Match PhotoReporter« , he obtained a medal.  In July, he finished 2nd in the « audi Design Contest » in graphic design for 24h zolder. September is finaliste of the  « Golden Blog Awards » in Paris for the communication of « MDmag ».

2014, He is  graduate in graphic design university  with an 3D specialisation and he win the « infiniti photo contest » In Geneva Motorshow